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Our depth in AI & Natural Language Processing(NLP), combined with our suite of customizable products, ensures quick and effective AI prototyping and integration

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AI Products: The Challenge

Studies show that only 10% of organizations that invest in AI, managed to achieve significant financial benefit from it. Why is this? AI is not magic dust that can be sprinkled over existing businesses to transform them overnight.
Most headline-making AI technologies are software that has been tuned for a particular purpose. If the AI that your company is investing in has not been tuned to the problems that you face, the results are likely to be underwhelming. The key to successful AI deployment is tailoring. Lack of in-house experience could be a hidden obstacle to good customization.

Make AI work for you

Inscripta creates bespoke solutions, based on customizable products, that originate within your organization and thereby take deep roots within your workflows. Bank on our years of top-class, real-world AI & NLP experience to avoid common pitfalls in deploying enterprise AI solutions

Inscripta Advantage

Inscripta enables companies to focus on their core business problem, instead of getting bogged down in the intricacies of AI implementation.

Achieve quick wins

Don’t reinvent the wheel -- leverage Inscripta’s industry-tested, customizable products and pre-built libraries to focus and expedite your first pilots

Build end-to-end solutions

Based on our extensive real-world experience, we understand the nuances of end-to-end AI deployment to help you find the right solutions, faster.

Retain a sense of control

Retain a sense of control through sustainable and truly extendable solutions that originate within your organization, owned by your teams, and thereby take deep roots within your workflows

Avoid common pitfalls

Navigate the treacherous landscape of AI-solution-ism, by leaning on our experience to avoid common pitfalls in deploying enterprise AI solutions

Start building before hiring

Approach hiring and solutioning as parallel, complementary processes

Use your budget efficiently

Focus on the right things to make your investments in AI more effective.

Our Expertise

We have many years of experience with pioneering AI companies for building end-to-end AI solutions for variety of problems

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Extensive experience in various NLP technology:

  • Knowledge Search
  • Question Answering
  • Domain-specific Opinion Mining
  • Aspect-Sentiment Analysis
  • Information and Insight Extraction
  • Conversational AI
  • Summarization

Deep understanding of the nuances of different data sources (blogs, video reviews, news, etc.) in various domains (E-commerce, Pharma, IT, Finance, and more)

Ability to handle real-world, noisy, heterogeneous data

Cutting-edge technology: Solutions built around state-of-the-art deep learning models such as Transformer (BERT variants) and LSTM at the core

natural language processing applications

Conversational AI

Task-oriented dialog agents that stand out from run-of-the-mill chatbots

Purpose-built for product discovery engines, support assistants, and FAQ bots

Bootstrapped from available data sources (reviews, blogs, knowledge articles) for quick deployment

Easily adaptable to various domains such as Travel, E-commerce/Retail, Finance, IT and Pharma

Conversational AI example

Image & Video Processing

Ready modules for multiple use cases:

  • Automatic vehicle detection & tracking
  • Invoice & PO scanning

Object detection and masking for GDPR compliance

Combining cutting-edge image recognition and NLP techniques for high accuracy document processing systems

document processing example

Ethical AI

Active research and thought leadership on ethical AI concepts by Inscripta founders

Helped organizations map out and implement their ethical AI strategy, to deal with overarching, recurrent and complex problems

Helped organizations to set up an AI governance structure, with operational procedures and guiding materials to ensure ethical decision-making at all levels in your AI team


Consulting Process

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Based on our decades of experience in building AI products, we can help you to formulate, implement, and build high-quality AI solutions specific to your business and domain

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