Fast-track AI transformation through high-quality, customizable products built using Natural Language Processing(NLP), OCR and Document Processing techniques

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Inscripta is an AI technology & consulting company that helps businesses fast-track integration of AI capabilities, through high quality customizable products.
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Inscripta's AI Products

Our products, built using state-of-the-art NLP, OCR and Document Processing techniques, can be customized quickly for a variety of business domains.
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Our deep-insight semantic search engine extracts fine-grained answers from large knowledge bases efficiently
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Our AI-driven presentation builder speeds up content reuse letting you focus on getting the message right
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Our purpose-built AI-powered conversational discovery engine makes product discovery easy and intuitive
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Our flexible Document Processing and OCR engine makes quick work of digitizing the data you need to feed into your decision making systems

Inscripta Advantage

Inscripta enables companies to focus on their core business problem, instead of getting bogged down in the intricacies of AI implementation.
Inscripta Stack

Customizable products to enable quicker AI integration

Real-world solutions built to handle noisy, heterogeneous data

Products designed by a highly skilled and experienced AI team

Building on the latest research to deliver cutting-edge solutions

Inscripta Stack

Inscripta Technology Stack

State-of-the-Art Technologies. Flexible Libraries. Customizable Products.


The Team

Having worked at organizations such as IBM Research, Flipkart, VMware, Reliance, Schlumberger, multiple startups and research labs, we are equipped with deep, real-world AI expertise. Our team consists of Masters and PhDs from top universities like IIT Bombay, CMU and University of Birmingham (UK).
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Anand Ramanathan

Anand has 15+ years of NLP/AI experience. He has developed AI solutions for varied domains including finance, telecom, and oil & gas, while working with organizations such as NCST, IBM Research, and Schlumberger. His work comprises machine translation systems, a smart search product for financial data analytics, an open source intelligence toolkit, a ticket analytics system, etc. Anand has a PhD in computer science from IIT Bombay.
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Vivek Mehta

Vivek has 15+ years of AI/ML experience. Before starting his entrepreneurial journey, he worked at various startups including Flipkart. He has experience in array of problems like search and recommendations, personalization, ranking, handwriting recognition, fraud detection, online advertising, and few others. Vivek holds a Masters degree from Carnegie Mellon University (US).

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Vivek Nallur

Research and Academic Consultant
Dr Vivek Nallur is an Assistant Professor at University College Dublin. He works on Ethical AI and its applications in socio-technical systems. He is a member on the IEEE P7008 standards committee for Ethically Driven Nudging for Robotic, Intelligent and Autonomous Systems. He has worked with evolutionary computing, multi-agent systems and machine-learning for his research. He has a PhD from the University of Birmingham (UK) and a Masters from Carnegie Mellon University (US). In a previous avatar, he used to work in the Silicon Valley, for VMware Inc.

Based on our decades of experience in building AI products, we can help you to formulate, implement, and build high-quality AI solutions specific to your business and domain

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